Vinyasa Krama: Targeted Sequencing & Adjusting

Vinyasa Krama: Targeted Sequencing & Adjusting 2017-04-17T19:18:33+00:00

Wednesdays, 6-9pm: Specialized training for yoga teachers.

One Wednesday a month. Learn the art and science of sequencing and adjusting to bring students into a deeper practice and help them to overcome obstacles.

2016 DATES:

September 15: Teaching From Energetic Principles of Alignment
October 19: Overcoming Fear in Backbends
November 9: Twists and Binds-Closing the Loop
December 7: The Kinetic Chain:Adjusting the Body with Ease
January 18: Heads to Toes-Forward Bends
February 8: Hip Hip Hooray-Lotus and Beyond
March 1st: Humble Warrior-Standing Poses
April 12th: Inversions for Scardy Cats
May 10th: Up Against the Wall
June 14th: Dead End-Svasana & Thai Releases
pre-registration required
3 CEU’s per session-Specialty Certificate issued with completeion of 30 hours, (all 10 sessions). CEU certificate issued for each session.
YA Certified.