Therapeutics: 60 hour Advanced Segment (for 500TT)

Therapeutics: 60 hour Advanced Segment (for 500TT) 2017-04-17T19:18:33+00:00

Meets one weekend a month for six sessions, October 2016 -May 2017.

Learn methods for teaching inclusively within the context of open clases, and ways to incorporate therapeutics* into your private teaching practice.. Call 609-404-0999 and visit

Therapeutics* segment will be spread throughout next year.

10/1-10/2 – teaching a diverse population
10/15-16 life stages- pregnancy & aging
12/10-11 chronic conditions & autoimmune disorders
2/4-5 special populations: autism, developmental disability, trauma
4/15-16 managing and rehabbing injuries
5/20-21 preventing injuries supporting physical and emotional strength & stability
*YA Certified.
PT CEUs (applied)