What Are We Up To?


Be Well Do Good (our nonprofit 501C3) has been out and about running wellness programs in our community:

  • Sharon Fruchtman and Laurie, along with Paul and Dana, two Stockton student volunteers, have been integrating once a week yoga program at the AC High School. This program will allow any student who wishes the opportunity to opt in to Yoga in place of their gym requirement. Students will commit for the year and learn physical fitness and life skills as part of the programming. The program will last meet on Monday, and because of its resounding success, will be EXPANDED in the Fall. This program focuses on improving academic, social and physical health indicators.
  • This Summer, We will be providing a daily yoga program for the special education group at ACHS summer school.
  • We will be doing a pilot program with teenage girls in foster care twice a week this summer at the Uptown Complex & Summer Camp at MLK June 24th through August 24th. (4-8th grade)If you are interested in participating or contributing to this program, please let me know (in AC).
  • The Clinical Trial with breast cancer survivors has been very rewarding again this year. Thank yous to Andee, Naida & Joey, who worked this compassionate project. Classes continue to be offered through Gilda’s Club (thank you Sarah!) You can read about our trial in the PRESS! by clicking the photo below…


How Can You Help?

You can donate to our projects by dropping money in the donation jar or look for a link here! Your donations are tax deductible.

Are you a yoga teacher?

We need teachers to help with our various projects.

Do you know a group in our community who could benefit from yoga?

Let us know about them by clicking here and filling out our form.

Pay It Forward Yoga & Pop-Up Service Opportunities at Yoga Nine in Smithville & Ventnor


Community is built around mutual support. At Yoga Nine we are dedicated to fostering these connections and are excited to announce our newest initiative, “Pop-Up Service”. “Pop-Up Service” aims to connect the needs of our local community with people who are able to help.

How does it work?

Yoga Nine offers FREE YOGA CLASSES twice a week at both our Ventnor and Smithville studios, taught by our professional, certified instructors. In return for this opportunity to practice, we ask that you check out our “Pop-Up Service” bulletin boards, located at each studio. There you will find posted many ways that you can help in the coming weeks with community projects and people in need. projects are opportunistic and range from helping to weed community gardens to delivering groceries to an elderly neighbor, helping with painting, or assisting with homework.

Why are We Doing This?

This initiative aims to connect people in need with those available to help, and in doing so, connect people so we might build stronger, healthier communities.

How Can You Help?

  • Come to Class!
  • Send us service opportunities!