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Who are We?


Yoga Nine is a professional mind-body studio which aims to promote community health by providing a variety of classes taught by the most highly trained and experienced teachers. Yoga Nine is dedicated to providing community outreach through educational programs, volunteer efforts in our “fair trade store & cafe”, Buddha Body. Yoga Nine engages in a number of community service and fundraising projects all aimed at supporting local charities.

Our Philosophy


Above all, life is about enjoyment. Yoga Nine is dedicated to helping each client achieve their personal goals and improve the quality of their life in a fun, noncompetitive, and community-centered environment. Hang out with us. Our facility is designed for laying back! Our instruction is personalized and hands-on.

How do we do it?


Yoga Nine provides a full array of classes in Yoga, Pilates, Body Rolling and other therapeutic* modalities. Classes will be available to all segments of the community no matter their fitness level; including children and seniors, and those living with chronic illness, and physical and developmental disabilities.



The yoga program honors many traditions, offering work in a variety of styles ranging from meditation, to gentle assisted practice using props (Kripalu and Iyengar), to more rigorous styles (Ashtanga, and Vira Vinyasa). Yoga Nine only employs instructors who are highly qualified, participate in continuing professional education, and are all dedicated students themselves.n.

Complementary Medicine


Yoga Nine encourages the growth of a healthy community. In his effort, a variety of holistic/alternative services will be made available through the facility by appointment. (Nutritional Counseling, Herbal Medicine, Reiki, Physical Therapy*, Therapeutic* body work, Ayurvedic Counseling, etc.)

Community Outreach


Yoga Nine also seeks to promote community health through volunteer outreach programs, fundraising efforts, and educational programming. Yoga Nine will also house fundraising efforts for the local community. Our Community Coffee Campaign provides ongoing fundraising and volunteer information for 9 local charities.

Fair Trade


Yoga Nine houses a “fair trade” store, Buddha Body, featuring products by local artists and artisans, and others created through cooperatives around the world which support impoverished communities. All other yoga props and clothing sold in the store are “sweatshop free.” We are also a member of the Green Studio Association and make continuing efforts to provide products made from renewable resources and organic materials.

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